How We Work

Before joining ZASHA kindly read through the below to understand what is expected of you should you join our agency so that your membership with us a happy and long one.

Office Hours
Our offices are located in Olivedale and operate between these hours:
Monday – Thursday: 08h30 – 17h00
Friday: 08h30 – 15h00
Our contact email:

Kindly respect our hours and only contact us after hours if it is an emergency.
It is best to communicate with us via email or the WhatsApp group set up for the specific event.

Minimum age
You need to be at least 17 years old to work for ZASHA

All Johannesburg and Pretoria candidates will be required to come to our offices for a one on one interview
Dress for the interview as you would if you were attending an event in your own wardrobe
Ladies need to wear light makeup
All candidates need to have neat nails
Remember to bring with your ID document for verification purposes
All minors will need to be accompanied by a guardian or parent
Please make sure you are on time, or you will be sent home
You will not be paid for the interview
For some events you may require further accreditation, which will be discussed with you
All candidates outside of Johannesburg / Pretoria will be interviewed online
You will not be invited to events unless you have undergone an interview

Your position
You are applying for Freelance work. This is not to be considered a stable or full-time position.
ZASHA will attempt to suggest you wherever possible, provided you fit within the client criteria

How the candidates are selected
Our client specifies the ethnicity, gender, and age of the candidates required for the specific event. ZASHA has no say in the clients’ decision.
The client may also select specific candidates from the website gallery that will be invited accordingly

How we select candidates for the event and communications
You will receive an email or WhatsApp to check your availability for the date and time of the event
We may also post the event position on our Facebook page
In either situation, there will be a link to a form which needs to be completed.  You will need to be logged in on the ZASHA site in order to complete the form
If you are selected and it is a multiday event, you need to attend on all the days. Do not reply that you available if you can only attend one of the days

We work on a first come, first served basis, provided you meet the clients’ criteria and you have been for an interview at our offices or online (outside Johannesburg)
If you do not hear back from us, you have unfortunately not been selected
If you don’t have airtime, you may reply via SMS, email or WhatsApp but ensure you make reference to the job you were invited too. Also, address the communication to the person who invited you
Do not send a Please call me. We will not call you
Please don’t reply and ask if we have an alternative time or date available. The client will not move the event to cater to your availability

Confirmation for the event
A few days before the event, you will receive a final confirmation email with the final specifics about the event – client, address, final times, what to wear, your job function, payment amount and event manager information
We may also communicate with you on a specific WhatsApp group that has been created for the specific event.  Please ensure you have provided us with your correct contact details on the event application form
You need to reply on email and confirm that you will be attending. Please do not ignore the communications, you will be replaced

Canceling or not arriving
You have 2 working days to inform ZASHA you no longer able to attend an event with a valid reason
Never say yes and then not arrive. Besides this being very unprofessional, we will remove you from our database permanently.
If you unable to attend due to a legitimate emergency within 48 hours of the event, please contact the WhatsApp group set up for the event immediately with your Name / Surname and the legitimate reason as to why you unable to make it, and we will find a replacement for you.

Wardrobe Call
In the event that there is a uniform fitting required, you may be requested to come to our offices or another central location for the fitting
We will calculate in 1 additional hour pay for the uniform fitting if you attended
The attendance register will need to be signed at the fitting

We will provide you with the address of the venue
Please use Waze or Google Maps to find your way
If you unable to find your way to the venue with the technology available to date, we will not be able to use you for future events
Some of the events start early 06h30 which means you need to arrive at 05h30 and end late i.e. 23h00
Please ensure that you have your transport sorted well in advance
You cannot arrive late or leave before the event is complete
If the event is outside city limits, ZASHA may arrange transportation and inform you of a central meeting point
There will always be designated parking unless we request that you be dropped off

In the event that you are required to overnight at a venue, the client will pick up the costs of your accommodation and meals
You may be required to share accommodation a twin room with a person of the same gender / similar age
You will receive a working document prior to the event as to when and where you need to be for the duration of the event with your job description

Check-in at event
Very Important – If we state that the client is X, do not arrive wearing a competitor branded clothing. This applied to any event that we send you too. Also if you do not like client X and you’re a user of a competitor, do not speak about who your service provider is amongst other promoters and do not criticise or applaud the products respectively. Promote the product you representing as best as you can.

Locate the event manager
You will be asked to sign in
If you are provided with a uniform to wear, please ensure you take care of it, as damaged uniform may be charged for
If you are provided with any equipment i.e. scanning devices or power banks, you will be required to sign for these items. All lost items will be for your own account.
After the event, you will be asked to return uniform and equipment and sign out
All items not returned may be deducted from your pay
You must sign in and out. No signature will result in no payment
Remember to prepare, arrive on time and have fun! Enjoy the experience as no two events are the same!

Event Manager
There will always be an event manager at the event
If you have any queries or concerns, locate the event manager for assistance
The event manager information will be communicated to you in the final confirmation email

Regulations for attending an event
Arrive on time
You are not permitted to bring any family members, friends or siblings with
DO NOT take any pictures or footage of the event – i.e. table settings, décor, registration setup and share on social media.  If it’s for personal use, this is okay.  You may also share it on the WhatsApp group created.  However, please do not check-in at the event or make it know publically where you are.  Some events are very high calibre and our clients do not want the general public to know that the event is taking place.
NB NB – Do not publish any photos or check yourself in at the event on social media i.e. Facebook, Twitter, or any WhatsApp groups

Ensure your hair is clean and nails are groomed
If you have facial hair, ensure it is well groomed and neat
If you are wearing your own wardrobe, ensure your clothes are fresh and neat and your accessories are not over the top
When arriving at the event, and you are allocated a uniform, ensure you arrive looking fresh and neat
Ladies shoes – heals of a comfortable height.  No pumps, stilettos or wedges.  Always black
Gents – smart black shoes unless otherwise specified.  No trainers or flops
All ladies are expected to wear makeup and earrings

Eating, drinking and taking breaks
Do not arrive at the event under the influence of any substance. You will be asked to leave and will not be paid
Do not drink alcohol at the event and do not smoke in front of the client
If you are working a shift that is longer than 4 hours, you will be advised when you can take a break
You will either be provided with a meal and beverage/s or receive an additional allowance to cover this cost
If you have beverages in your work area, please keep them under the table

In the hour prior to the event, you will be advised what your function is and where to stand
Be confident, remember we only sent you to this event because we believe that you are capable to do the job
Working at an event is not glamorous. Every single person there has a job to do. Be professional, speak clearly and polite at all times
If you are unable to answer the client’s questions, ask them to kindly wait and locate the event manager to assist you

Valuables and mobile devices
Do not take any valuables to the event. We cannot guarantee their safety and will not be held responsible for any theft
Always keep your mobile device on you, on silent and hidden

We pay for a minimum of 4 hours per event
We require you to be onsite at least an hour before the start of the event
This time is to sign in and get ready for when the event commences. You will NOT be paid for this hour
Payment will be processed via EFT after the event
You will be required to complete an online form after each event in order for us to process payment. This form will require your banking details
Payment will be done no later than 5 working days after the event or after you have submitted your banking details via email / WhatsApp
If your banking details have changed and we have to process another payment, a penalty of R75 will apply to cover returned funds. Please ensure you complete the online form correctly to avoid unnecessary deductions
If we have been advised incorrect banking details and the payment goes through, we cannot guarantee that the person paid will return the funds to our account and in turn, therefore cannot guarantee that you will receive another payment
Kindly note that we do not issue any IRP5’s
It is your responsibility to declare any additional income to SARS and pay the applicable PAYE if necessary

Your online profile
Please ensure that your profile is always up to date
Clients peruse the database and select candidates, or we send them specific candidate photographs.
If you look has changed considerably, please ensure that you update the images on your profile accordingly. The same applies to hair if you used to have braids, but now have an afro, we need to be updated.
It is also important to have a variety of photos on your profile. Your profile has the ability to upload a gallery, kindly make use of it.
No NUDE photos will be tolerated
Be cognisant of the background of your photos, don’t upload a photo where there are other people in the background or your standing in a group with other people
Any candidate advertising their contact information on their profile will be deleted and blacklisted

We hope that the above information is helpful and that you are as enthusiastic as we are to welcome you on board. Remember to always be confident, positive and at all times, have fun!